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Installing Ubuntu 7.04 on
IBM ThinkPad X40

Last updated: 30 May 2007

Hardware Components

Status under Linux


Pentium M Processor, 1.2 GHz


Works fine. With there being no internal CD-ROM, I booted from a USB external drive. Just push the “Access IBM” button to boot from USB to live Ubuntu and then install.

12.1” XGA + TFT Display, 1024*768 at 60Hz


Ubuntu detected and configured this correctly, as with other hardware except where noted below.




60 GB Hard Drive


Comes up as a SCSI device.

UK keyboard, trackpoint (joystick) and mouse buttons.



Integrated wired network



Integrated wireless ethernet


Fine. Ubuntu 7.04 very good for roaming and intermittent connectivity. The ((A)) wireless indicator does not come on.



Fine. Tested with pen drives and optical wheel mouse.



Fine. Also the keyboard sound off and volume controls drive the Linux master volume.

Eight-cell lithium-ion battery, to make weight 1.5kg, 3lb 4oz.


Monitored correctly in terms of battery life at just over 4 hours life (it is second hand). Reported power use is about 12 watts with display at 70% brightness.

SD disk


Tested with 256MB and 2GB cards.

Power button


Gives the choice powering down. However hibernate does not work.

Integrated, PC-Card modem and bluetooth, external monitor

Not tested

Kernel version 2.6.20-16-generic. Basic installation of Ubuntu 7.04 codenamed Feisty Fawn:

Unresolved issues

Contact Information


Detailed specification:

Lenovo Linux support:

This is a nice, light, robust, cheap, second hand laptop. It seems to be very well built, including the cool power supply. The only real issue is the lack of hibernate/suspend. I have used Ubuntu for over a year and now have it on all three of my machines. After eight years of Linux and a number of other distributions, I have no plans to change. With Ubuntu, desktop Linux has come of age.

Chris Cartledge

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