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Installing Debian Lenny on Lenovo G530 4446-35U

Last updated: 10/4/2009

General Hardware Specifications of Lenovo G530 4446-35U:

Hardware Components
Status under Linux
Pentium Dual Core T4200 2Ghz
15.4" display 1280x800
Integrated video
2GB ram
160 GB Hard Drive Works

Touchpad - Alps Glidepoint
Worked out of the box

Changed to Gsynaptics driver.  Performance of the touchpad was much better.
Broadcom Integrated Network Card BCM4312
Works Ethernet worked fine out of the box.

Wireless setup took a bit of tweaking.  Had to download Linux STA driver source from site (9/15/2009 release date).  Then STA driver had to be compiled and added to kernel.  A bit tricky to get going but works great
Internal 56k Modem Don't know if this works or not (probably won't ever need to use it)

DVD drive
Works great.  Did not have to do anything at all.  Fired up "cheese" in debian and webcam worked  right away
6 cell Lithium-Ion Battery Works around 2 hours battery life
Integrated audio

This laptop is operating under Kernel version 2.6.26-2-686

Basic Installation of [Linux Distribution]:
Setting up additional features for [Linux Distribution]
Unresolved issues
Configuration Files
More Specific Information. Specific stuff such as:
Contact Information (Optional)

Laptop came with Vista pre-installed.  I immediately reformatted the drive and wiped out Vista.  I did not even attempt to dual-boot this laptop since Vista is such a pig.  This laptop was a great deal, probably because it is underpowered under Vista (only 2 GB ram).  However, it runs extremely well under Debian.  I peeled off the Vista sticker and threw it in the trash.

It took a couple of days of tweaking to get the wireless network card and the touchpad working perfectly in Debian.

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